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By Dutch label Kunstlicht.

Grey Aura's 'Zwart vierkant' is a 43-minute descent into abstract madness. It is the result of 6.5 years of creative freedom and dedication. Conceptually based on Ruben Wijlacker's 2019 novel 'De protodood in zwarte haren', the album follows a fictional early 20th-century modernist painter's growing obsession with abstract art and the destruction of the physical world.

'Zwart vierkant' is a genre-bending black metal album, utilizing various genres and instruments in order to strengthen an ever-present sense of estrangement. The album was mastered by Robert Hobson (A Forest of Stars), making it Grey Aura's best sounding recording to date. The cover artwork was made by internationally recognized Dutch-Croatian artist Sanja Marusic.

‘Grey Aura’s weirdness is oddly alluring, an unsettling case of art house delirium that one could perhaps ascribe to the effects of heat stroke or staring at the sun for too long.’
-Wyatt Marshall, Stereogum

'Though retaining a black metal identity, Grey Aura's extracurricular outside genre activity is what makes the band interesting. Rather, it makes the band weird, and that is meant to be expressed in the most earnest, kind way possible.'
-Jon Rosenthal, Invisible Oranges

Limited to 100 copies.

Tjebbe Broek - Guitar, Percussion, Foley, Synthesizer, Spanish Guitar
Ruben Wijlacker - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Percussion, Foley, Synthesizer, Mixing
Bas van der Perk - Drums, Percussion
Sylwin Cornielje (Laster, Nusquama) - Bass
Glenn Coenen - Voice acting
Ineke Noordhuizen - Voice Acting
Alberto Pérez Jurado - Trombone, Trumpet
Hannet Engel - Castanets
Joost Vervoort (Terzij de Horde) - Vocals on Sierlijke Schaduwmond
Floris Hagemans - Drum Engineering, Guitar Engineering
Wout de Kruif - Drum Engineering
Robert Hobson - Mastering
Sanja Marusic - Album Cover Artwork
N. (Laster, Nusquama, Vuur & Zijde) - Layout